Ikea’s Newly Designed Refugee Shelters Are a Game Changer https://t.co/8RK1kBUiHm via @TakePart
RT @beautaplin: Let's choose passion over permanence.
Yes, Noah. You are officially the worst. #TheAffair
RT @swimom19: You went over the line tonite. Just wrong. #Homeland
U have a lmtd amnt of time 2 do the good you've come 2 do. Understand the truth of your life & get about the business of living it. -@Oprah
Who Will Preserve and Curate Black America? https://t.co/s5iZMRcAXR via @nbcnews
RT @ozlifeadvice: Things I've learned with age: No happiness without gratitude; no peace without forgiveness; no transformation without self-discipline.
Morning rain and coffee. This version definitely beats the sound machine.… https://t.co/H0KhLO8kAi
RT @UncleRUSH: Let positive energy flow through you.
😊 @ Dolphin Discovery Downtown, Punta Cana https://t.co/JZY0PCfVUO
Trying to figure out if he wanted me to hold the coconut or just… https://t.co/fIJvmAfPov

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